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Kandycakes are an unique product that is made from rich dark chocolate fudge and covered with vanilla fondant before being decorated with a variety of hand-crafted, themed sugar decorations.

This product which is more like a candy than a cake is made from gluten free ingredients and, as it it completely sealed with fondant, it has a shelf life of up to six months. A number of delicious ingredients can be added to the fudge including toasted nuts, dried fruits and spices.

The gift sized Kandycake is presented in a clear acetate box and makes a special gift that can be designed to reflect any occassion.

A Kandycake can also be made either into a larger stand alone cake or a tier of a stacked celebration cake to cater for those with gluten free requirements.

Pictured - gift sized Kandycake

Diameter:  7.5cm
Height:      5cm
Weight:    300g